DealtoPlay Incorporates Visual Gambling Tutorials to Social Network

DealtoPlay Incorporates Visual Gambling Tutorials to Social Network

Montreal, Quebec, Canada June 30 2008 (PressReleasePoint): With the growth of the online gaming industry, has stepped up and brought visual tutorials to their audience.
Jan Balslev and his software development team at Online-Casinos have created the tutorials that bring the teacher right to the viewers computer screen. Viewers could learn the best way to play casino games with flash based animated visual tutorials. Using voice over technology, all aspects of the game are explained by a person.

“We want our members to be well versed in the casino games they play and not make easily avoidable mistakes. Building a solid foundation will allow them to increase their odds to win. These tutorials are designed to show them just how to do that.”

When people think about how to learn to play casino games, many will tell you “That’s easy, just Google it.” That’s not the case. There is a jungle of sites out there with information leading casino and poker players in all directions making it difficult for the viewer to build a solid enough foundation to be able to play right away at a game they’re not familiar with. Lucas Goldman explains “It’s difficult to learn in an easy to understand way how to play most games. Online Casinos has created a great tool that will allow viewers to learn the basics then apply them in practice right away. We want our audience to have the option to play games they might not have known how to play but were curious about. “

This sort of content is potent and just what online gamblers are on the lookout for. The tutorials literally walk viewers through the rules step by step on how to play Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Video Poker, Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker and 7 Card Stud. The tutorials are clean, concise and almost anybody could easily understand exactly what’s being taught. “We are a social networking site designed for online casino and poker players. Incorporating learning devices specifically designed to make them better allows us to increases the value of their overall experience not just at our site, but as gamers.”

Learning how to play the games is the first step towards responsible gaming. Members of could use these tutorials then go straight to the tables at whichever online casino / poker room they choose.

Tutorials are available to members only, but membership is free and takes under a minute to complete thus making the tutorials easily accessible to all gamers. In addition to the tutorials, members have access to the forums, chat, custom profiles and the ability to create a custom blog. A sample craps tutorial is accessible from their homepage for anybody to view. Time to go back to class! Visit for more information.

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